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Technology is moving @ the speed of thought. Our endeavour is not only to keep pace with the latest tech advancements, but to embrace them and bring the latest and the best that they have to offer to you, that too, in the formats of your choice and at the price points that you are comfortable with. For us, being the best is not an option but a compulsion. Our Search for excellence is not a destination but the journey for we realise that we are honour bound to you, to be the best in every product that bears the SkyLED name.

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SkyLed unveils 55-inch 4K UHD Entertainment Station

The situation induced by the Corona enforced lock-down has led to an unexpected surge in demand for quality entertainment systems, especially in the feature rich, but reasonably priced segment. This has come about because of the simple fact that members of the family are now being forced to spend a substantial amount of time indoors.

From Belly-up to Ballistic: Rais Qureshi, MD, SKYLED mesmerizes BESC students

For Rais Qureshi it was a home homing of sorts. Having graduated from the college in 1996 he has, armed with a degree, dreams and little else, built up an electronics empire that literally stretches from Chandni Chowk to China. And it was this story, of sheer grit, monumental failures and spectacular successes.

Markets led by SkyLed, the Rais Qureshi way.

Md Rais Qureshi is obsessed with technology. Technology that is sustainable and affordable. And it is this obsession, to bring eco-friendly products of mass consumption that are well within the reach of the average, common man, that has become the mission of his life. A mission that has taken him to shop floors around the world.