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Roashan Kare Zindagi

Technology is moving @ the speed of thought. Our endeavour is not only to keep pace with the latest tech advancements, but to embrace them and bring the latest and the best that they have to offer to you, that too, in the formats of your choice and at the price points that you are comfortable with. For, to us, being the best is not an option, but a compulsion. Our Search for excellence is not a destination but the journey for we realise that we are honour bound, to you, to be the best in every product that bears the SkyLED name.
We are a growing family committed to bring to our customers the latest that technology has to offer. We are a multi locational, multi-national entity working to spread cheer in the geographically diverse and culturally distinct areas we work in. Backed by technological excellence and manufacturing brilliance, we are on a mission to stretch the horizons of entertainment.


Our mission is simple – to be the best in everything that we so that our customers may enjoy the highest quality of entertainment. They deserve the best and we are committed to providing them the very best that technological excellence can provide. State of the Art is not merely a destination to us, it is the way of life.

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